form for registration for trust in rajasthan | राजस्थान में ट्रस्ट रजिस्ट्रेशन के लिए फार्म

[See Rule 17 (2)]
Application Form

The Assistant Devasthan Commissioner
In the matter of public trust………………….. I,………………working trustee…………… of the above-named Public Trust, hereby apply under Section 17 of the Rajasthan Public Trust Act, 1959, for the Registration of the said Trust.
2. I submit the following necessary particulars:-
(i) Origin (so far as known) nature and objects of the trust and the designation by which the trust is or shall be known,
(ii) Place of principal office or the principal place of business of the public trust is situate,
(iii) Names and addresses of working Trustee and the manager.
(iv) Mode of succession to the office of the Trustee,
(v) Details of movable property with estimated value of each class of such property.
Note:—(Entries be made by broad description of classes of such property e.g. furniture, books etc., rather than of each individual article. Entry regarding cash should be made only if such cash forms part of the capital of trust. In case of scrip give particulars of each Security, Stock, Share, and Debenture including the number it bears.)
(vi) Details of immovable property showing the village, or town where situate alongwith municipal or survey Khasra No. area, assessment, description of the tenure on which held [attach certified copies of the entries in the record of Rights. City Survey Record or Municipal Record relating to properties (if available).

(b) Estimated value of each immovable property.

(vii) Other sources of income.
(viii) Gross average annual income (from movable, immovable properties and other sources).
Note:—It should be based on the actual gross annual income during the three years immediately preceding the date on which application is made or of the period which has elapsed since the creation of the trust, whichever period is shorter and in case of a newly created public trust the estimated gross annual income from all sources.
(ix) Average Annual Expenditure-(Estimated on the Expenditure incurred within the period to which the particulars under clause (viii) relate and in the case of a newly created public trust, the estimated annual expenditure).
(a) on remuneration to trustee and manager.
(b) on establishment and staff.
(c) on religious objects.
(d) on charitable objects.
(e) on miscellaneous items.
(x) Particulars of encumbrances, if any, on trust property.
(xi) Particulars of title deeds pertaining to trust property and instrument of trust (if such instrument has been executed and is in existence) and the name of the trustee in possession thereof.
(xii) Address of the manager or working trustee where communication be sent.
(xiii) Remarks, if any.

Fees…………………. accompanies.

Signature of Working Trustee or Managers.

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